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  • 3EN Defense and Aviation Inc. as; We aimed to provide world-class quality services in the field of defense and aviation industry.
  • The services we provide; We aimed to develop beyond customer expectations, within the targeted period, with effective cost solutions, to increase our efficiency in order to keep our position in the sector at the top, and to provide continuous improvement in our system with Total Quality Management practices.
  • To provide quality and reliable services in order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction with qualified employees who have adopted the team spirit, by using resources effectively, by carrying out safe operations with a customer-oriented approach, and to make effective and significant contributions to the development of the national defense industry in line with our strategic plans and joint work with the public. we commit.


  • To give top priority to safety
  • To ensure internal and external customer satisfaction together
  • Encouraging staff to report any errors or deficiencies
  • To operate in compliance with the legislation, total quality management and occupational health and safety standards
  • Doing business with customer-oriented processes
  • To carry out work in a timely and effective manner
  • Establishing and maintaining a trust-based communication environment between all staff
  • Performing operations with practical and clear procedures
  • Working with a dynamic organizational structure by moving away from the obstacles of hierarchy
  • To ensure continuous improvement with small steps within the Total Quality Management structure
  • To be friendly towards the environment, in accordance with legal and cultural requirements
  • Carrying out activities with technology support
  • Avoiding Waste